Recently, I wrote a review of Dr. Ken Cooper’s “12 Steps to Good Health.” One reader suggested that I write my own 12 Steps to Good Health.

I did. Enjoy.

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1.The Wellness Report

Subscribe to the AWR to receive 12 issues. It shouldn’t be a problem. The entire 763 editions in the book are available electronically and subscriptions are absolutely free. It is not necessary to choose between the 12 editions available – any combination of them will get you on the path to a true wellness-focused mental state. If you aren’t convinced take a look at the eyes of the seasoned readers and observe the way they conduct their lives, their comfort and harmony, their bubbly condense valves and vapors as well as their self-confidence confidence, honesty, and unrestrained spirit. You should not overlook their passion for athletics as well as their exuberance and love of reason.

2.Make sure you are assessing your thoughts

This is particularly important when the idea isn’t new.

It doesn’t matter how easy it is to feel comfortable in a relationship. Your thoughts could be sucking in the larger concept of things. Perhaps, your beliefs, despite belief in the impossible and absurd rules, are normal according to your own perspective. You might still be more successful if look at what you learned regarding the constant challenges of life. To borrow a term from Guy Noir, Private Eye. Private Eye was a man who lived on the 12th floor of Acme Building during many dark nights in a city that knew how to guard its secrets.

(In case you’re not sure about this reference, it’s an iconic line from the regular skits that were featured on Garrison Keillor’s much loved “Prairie Home Companion” radio show.)

3.Minimal Exercise

Begin today or, when you’re tired and you need to rest at night take a walk and complete at minimum 20 minutes of physical activity. Don’t use more than five paces. It will increase your heart rate by 30 seconds to a minute. This can be done every day for the rest your life. It doesn’t matter what kind of athlete you’re in and whether you cycle, swim or row. Just do it each day. It’s best to be having fun with it Be creative, dress in appropriate clothingand locate other people to join you if socializing while exercising is attractive.

4.The Best Diet

Try out different foods and if you’re competent to handle it, you might consider becoming a vegan. There are only a handful (6% of Americans in the present) so disposed can pull this off, me not included. I’m a mostly-vegan who caves every now and then to temptations of gruyere cheese egg whites, shellfish and cream from coffee. Ecotopia isn’t the aim. Veganism is beneficial for your health (e.g. weight loss) There are endless tasty options, and most important, it’s essential for a better living environment. The severity of cruelty to animals alone warrants giving veganism an honest try; so is slowing global warming through the reduction of emissions-intensive animal agriculture. You’ll be amazed by the wide range of flavor choices.

5.Heroism, Your Style

Perform a heroic act. The term “heroic” is not defined by the authorities. The term is used to describe an amazing and unforgettable event. This is a series of events that are a culmination of months of planning and preparation, you have achieved something that was unique, meaningful, and demanding. You celebrate the fine-tuned condition you’ve achieved with a little luck and help by special helpers and abettors, as well as your hard work and the energy you have expended. There are many options. These are just some guidelines to consider when planning an act of courage. You can also set your own rules. It must be physically demanding and should take at least 3 months to plan. It must be a challenge, but it can be accomplished. And it shouldn’t be an end-all be. Once you’ve completed one heroic act that meets these requirements, or your own, keep on perform it – whether at least once per year, annually, or when it feels right.

Beware of being attracted by extreme pursuits like racing non-stop through the Empire State Building, finishing an Ironman triathlon, climbing Mt. Everest or participating in the NFL or NBA. For most of us, such quests would be unrealistic. Pick something that is feasible, however difficult and challenging, but within your reach.

Just know that, to be able to perform heroic feats it is necessary to master a lot of what it takes to secure an appearance at Carnegie Hall. (Hint Practice, practice, practise. Good luck.

6.Conscious Meaning Re Life

Consider and make a decision on the MOL, which is the purpose of your life or, alternatively you can consider the significance and purpose of your existence currently, until new information and insights come along. There is value in bringing to your conscious attention what you believe you know about the reason you’re here, if indeed you decide there is anything other than unlikely good luck, or not such good luck, based on how you are feeling about your life.

Richard Dawkins argues that the fact we will die is a blessing in “Unweaving The Rainbow: Science, Delusion, and the Appetite to Wonder.” Here’s an excerpt wherein Dawkins argues for this claim:

“Most people are never going to die since they will never be born. Potentially, people who could have been in my place but will never see the light of the day, are more than the sand grains in Arabia.”

Then, get up and go. You might be too rational to believe that a god in the sky brought you on earth to fulfill a mission. What do you do? Let reason guide you – adopt a set of objectives for your life that will keep you going in good spirits. Maybe you’ll decide, like Ingersoll that there’s meaning and joy in contributing to the happiness others. You might find ways to nurture and express your talents, “reaping the most rewarding reward of being loved by those whose lives you have enriched.”

Human success can be achieved by pursuing challenging, fulfilling and rewarding ways of living and meaning that are based on your unique character, talents and life circumstances. It’s your choice.

7.Healthy Models

You should surround you with people who are embracing wellness mindsets. This means that they are optimistic, kind, positive, happy and realistic. They also take good care of themselves. People who are optimistic and optimistic and who appreciate common decencies, and take care of their families as well as friends and acquaintances, are also favored. It is also important to make friends with people who are in harmony with motivation, energy, athleticism liberty, and other things.

It is much easier to sustain and maintain positive intentions in a business like this.

8.Daily Learning

Spend time and energy, more than ever to explore and learn. Explore new opportunities and education which broaden your perspective. This is essential at all ages and is more crucial than ever before in the latter years. Simply put it is the moment in which you may find yourself slowed down due to crucial organs and body components become problematic. Therefore, renewed enthusiasm must be rekindled and directed toward innovative methods to maintain and escalate the vitality that a REAL wellness mindset encourages. Imagine the infinite possibilities that are available to you like you imagine the world as (which it is, kind of) a huge museum. Explore the various collections and feel like a jolly naive traversing the globe of art, science, history, culture , and nature.

Be yourself You can’t carry it home, as you’ll never go away until you’re dead. Be prepared to confront the facts, and don’t be afraid to examine them with a keen eye. Be aware that you’ll quickly become incapacitated. Your mind will be gone ahead of the rest of us, and you’ll be an inconvenience to everyone, even though very few will acknowledge that. It is easy to overlook death and forget the fact of it.


Laugh more often, unless your days are already full of more snorts than the roller derby. Ingersoll suggested that “no one should fail to pick up every jewel of joy that can be found in his path.” Instead of looking for trouble (or love everywhere) Find ways to have fun more frequently throughout the day all day long! It’s good for your demeanor. When you are enjoying it more particularly good old-fashioned belly yuks – the kind which bring tears to your eyes. Humor will boost your overall health and almost everything else (social relations, work satisfaction and bodily functions) will improve as well.

There are plenty of opportunities for humor – it is everywhere. Humor is more widely recognized than porn and is much more popular than humor. Bestseller books and TED talks highlight the value of laughter in both business as well as personal relationships. Likewise, humor conferences (CEU credits are available!) explore the science behind comedy, as do medical journals.

Humor can take many forms: satire, absurdity and mischief are just three examples. It is possible to have fun with more humor throughout your day. Make an effort to find it. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on some great opportunities.

Be aware if you’re going to spread the word of humor. Be aware of your audience. Humor can be dangerous and subjective. Although everyone is happy to laugh however, the definition of humor can be highly subjective. A person might find a gut-busting joke or a situation hilarious and make another laugh. You wouldn’t want to be laughing at Kim Jong Un, for example. While some people find humor in it, it is certainly offensive to others. Forget jokes about blonds ethnic groups, or lawyers. (Why don’t sharks bite lawyers? Professional courteous.)

It’s possible to look on the bright side and have a lot more fun than you might otherwise if you’re not looking for them. There is a low chance of adverse effects or overdose.

10.Effective Thinking

Every opportunity to refine your decision-making capabilities. The media is not only packed with fake information (and this is not an indication of media reports Trump dislikes) but also scammers fake healers, Russian hackers, get-rich hucksters and professed prosperity gospel preachers who are slick with lonely hearts looking for long walks along the beaches with soul-mates who are generous, and many other scammers are in the market like than ever before. They all want your money! Consider this: Whatever they are selling is unlikely to work. You won’t use it anyway, and the claims they make about it are likely false. You shouldn’t believe any of these claims. Be skeptical, be skeptical, and skepticism can keep you on the right track until you’ve completed the necessary research.

Find out as much information as you can on the mysterious, three-pound mystery that is you. Our brains naturally gravitate towards simple explanations of complex issues. Thus, we are prone to get caught up in conspiracy theories, pseudoscience theories, absurd doctrines, quackery and other types of deceit. Religions can also be a cause of incorrect thinking since they promote obedience, not critical thinking. Religions oppose doubt and doubt, which are vital tools to make better choices.

Ingersoll was an advocate for the power of decisions within religions. He acknowledged that reason is a weak flame, a flickering torch carried by stumblers in the starless night, carried by storms of passion, yet, it is the sole light. In the event that you extinguish it, nothing remains.”

With two million-year-old brains, which are highly evolved but still not completely adapting to the modern world reasoning is a dim and inefficient light. However, it is the sole shining light in our modern times. Guy Harrison, author half dozen books on reason including “Good Thinking”: What You Must to Know to Be more secure, smarter and wealthier and recommends that these skills become an ethical level – as an epidemic in poor reasoning is perhaps the biggest unaddressed issue facing mankind.

11.Service to Others

Don’t expect anything in return. Seek no credit. To advance a great principle (e.g. the separation of state and church), to help an entire community, to promote animal welfare, save the bloody planet – opportunities for selfless service are inexhaustibly diverse.

While personal benefits may not be the main purpose of service but it will always give you an abundance of healthy and satisfying returns. Serving others, over time, adds to your self-esteem, purpose and the like, even if nobody notices.

Studies conducted by the people who brought us International Good Deeds Day (April 15 this year) indicate that these activities reduce stress, boost longevity, increase happiness and feel good because of the fact that this type of service stimulates the release and release of endorphins, the brain’s happy mood chemicals.

A 2012 study published in the journal Psychological Science found that thinking about the times when you’ve helped others makes you want to give back. Serving others is self-reinforcing. Research shows that reflecting back on past good deeds can help you become more selfless and motivate you to be more generous. It’s a great deal that you receive personal health benefits, and you can help others.

12.Beyond the Pale Blue Dot

The ultimate and fastest stress management method – thoughts about space and time – is constantly in your head. Who cannot at least diminish for a moment the negative emotions that accompany grudges, worries, fears or angers within a matter of minutes, even seconds, contemplating space and time? What’s with the life’s spilled milk? If you recall this advice from Monty Python’s classic “The The Meaning of Life”, it will be apparent:

“Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard or tough and people seem dumb, rude or obnoxious, and you feel that you’ve been through quite an experience… “

(Thanks, Eric Idle, for the “Galaxy Song” It’s a great music to release stress.)

It is a reliable stress reliever to turn your focus to the fact there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. This is only one of the billions of galaxies that comprise hundreds of thousands of stars. And don’t get your hippocampus tangled up trying to figure out how many planets are out there, each one revolving around a specific star. Maybe there are planets in the depths of mist that are teeming with inhabitants, most of whom have also been believed to be are the central point of the universe, and the ultimate goal of some grand design.

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