Blogs aren’t as new as you might think, and have been around since the late 1990s. It is now becoming mainstream and is emerging. It started as a way for surfers to post simple comments on web pages where they can comment on their products and services. Since then, these basic phrases have become dialogue sheets on topics ranging from personal interests to corporate issues.
But what’s really interesting is that advertisers recognize the power of blogging. As blogging becomes more important, anyone who is serious about establishing and maintaining a strong internet presence will find that blogging is the new internet marketing tool you should have.
Follow these 5 tips to help you use your blog as an online marketing tool.

1. Blogging is simple, easy and fun.
This is one of the easiest ways to get an opinion online about a hot topic, product, or service. You don’t have to have detailed qualifications to set up a decent average blog. As long as you have a moderate knowledge of English and can use a computer, you are on the way there. All you need is a dedication to ideas and writing. Writing fast is always helpful, but it gets better over time.
Blogs allow you to post your thoughts on life, health, wealth, relationships and more. It’s like having your own magazine and your own editor. You can see everything from TV series, music, fashion, food, hotspots, as well as numerous products and services. The more authentic and informed you are, the better your article will be.
2. You can trust your blog.
Advertising floods people from every corner by “buying it and buying it”, so it makes people unaffected by advertising, or at least less suggestive. The difference with blogs is that they are ordinary people who talk about what they are interested in and what is important to them. A blog is like listening to a friend, and nothing is more powerful than a compelling word of mouth. If you receive a recommendation in a balanced discussion from someone you trust, you are more likely to try the product. You feel like you have inside information, a great idea if you do!

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3. Blogs are cheap.
Most people blog for free because blogging is still a new medium and therefore not paid much for it. It’s still evolving organically, and advertising seems to be where suppliers bear their costs.
Most blogs about free sites dedicated specifically designed for bloggers. Other popular sites have a blog section for visitors to chat and share comments, and an informal section where their staff and personalities blog in a sociable style to attract fans. It offers. Serious bloggers, especially businesses, should consider paid blogs because they have more control over their content. You can make money by advertising from paid blog ads. 4. Blogs build a reputation.
The more you educate your readers about your area of ​​interest and the more you show that you know what you are talking about, the more authority you will develop. Readers begin to trust you and your words. As your credibility grows, you begin to attract more visitors, not only primarily for word-of-mouth, but also because your blog is linked to other blogs and sites. If you manage to become a real authority in the area, you may find interest in the commercial sector that wants to connect their business with you. Success Fosters Success You have built a good reputation, so you may want the industry to promote with you, or you may be paid for referrals from your blog as an affiliate. You will notice.
5. Blogs increase market share.
You can increase your market share by following these steps:

• Make the most of your email. Use your email contacts to let us know about your blog. Introduce the updated blog to the recipient and send a short email or headline to the list. Thus, you will send more traffic to your website, or if you are lucky, it will send it to your friends and family.
People like to read good newsletters many times. The amazing thing about blogs is that they exist in cyberspace indefinitely and are easy to find. When your readers receive your email notification, they will know that you can go to your blog site and view the content at any time. This allows you to remove old notifications and keep your inbox clean.

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