The 2011 ideology is a mix of cyber-anarchism, anti-globalization and populism that is similar to one that was prevalent in Russia and America in the late 19th century.

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The Anonymous mask is a symbol of the new type of revolution (anarchopopulism). The mask is seen on the streets of Cairo and in other cities. The anti-globalization movements of 1990s and 2000 were the basis of the current philosophy. The movements opposed the power and promoted the concept of collectiveness via local gatherings. There is however an important distinction between anti-globalization movements and those of the squares, such as the ones that have been revived in Greece and elsewhere.

The anti-globalization movement was a protest against global neoliberalism as well as its main supporters such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. The square movements were directed at the oligarchy in the country, as was the case for the Aganaktismenoi movement in Greece. Pure ideologies were impossible. All kinds of backgrounds were involved in the activity of the squares. They debated and discussed their opinions with other people. Their aim was to bring about greater transparency and justice within the system of political power.

Because of the economic crisis due to the economic crisis, the “contract” between the ruling class and the citizens was shattered. Neoliberal elites have created artificial economic crises that do not benefit all people. This has resulted in millions of people in poverty, and extremely poverty (Greece is an example of this). The government is no longer able to guarantee prosperity.

Social media is an important instrument of the emerging ideas and movements. They make use of it to broadcast messages that enrage citizens and shield them from austerity measures (see the anti-auction movement in Greece). The campaigns of these movements’ communications expose the financial and political corruption, the middle-class’s poverty and the oppression of the government.

The system of two poles was invented by the people who are against elites, and the common people who support to fight for democracy and oppose totalitarianism. These movements are being challenged by the Left due to their competitive relation to the Left. The economy is based on two primary goals that are to provide social services as well as to ensure an income minimum. But the new philosophy, which is in opposition to globalization movements which seek to stop capitalism focuses on the reduction of inequality on a local and national scale.

The present political system cannot match the new political concept. I think it’s not correct to call this concept as populist in the sense of nationalism that is chauvinistic.

A lot of coalitions and political parties are in danger of crashing in the event that they fail to grasp the new framework of ideology. The collapse is evident in Greece by the mass-contestation process and the formation of smaller parties. But, they aren’t aware of these new developments and continue to think in a traditional way.

The world’s turmoil is a result of global change. While the new reality isn’t yet established but it will likely to be through painful processes, made to improve the living conditions of everyone.

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