Baggage handling at the airport is a series of important steps filled with high-tech equipment. The system must be properly managed so that travelers are satisfied and satisfied with the service. This would not be possible without a conveyor belt, automatic scanner, or Destination Coded Vehicles (DCV). These are 21st century devices such as prepress devices and CTPs, without which our lives would not have this rhythm.
It clearly shows that the baggage handling system is successful. Make sure your suitcase moves at the same pace as the traveler. If your luggage moves slower than the owner, you will be frustrated because you have to wait too long for your luggage. It can be even worse if your baggage is not in time for your connecting flight.
In the opposite scenario, if the suitcase moves too fast, it will cause frustration again among travelers. Cargo may arrive on a connecting flight, but passengers will lose it. Therefore, there must be sufficient balance to prevent this from happening. The baggage handling system basically has three tasks that you need to perform accordingly. Visit:-

1. Move your luggage from the check-in area to the departure gate

2. While moving, move the bag from one door to another.

3.3. Place the bag from the arrival gate to the luggage counter

The rest of your time at the airport, your luggage will stay with you. However, the fact that each airport has its own requirements cannot be ignored. The time it takes passengers to travel from the check-in area to the boarding gate varies from airport to airport. Some airports are within walking distance, while others need to be reached by train. Passenger luggage travels according to the time it takes for the passenger to arrive at the corresponding terminal. A typical baggage handling system incorporates excellent technology for changing bags. Baggage will automatically move from the check-in tone to the departure gate without interference.
• First, a vehicle with a coded destination or an automatic trolley loads and unloads suitcases. This procedure does not require any manual assistance and will continue without interruption.
• Next, the task of the automatic scanner to scan the baggage label is done without manual assistance. • Finally, a conveyor belt with a connector and a sorter can carry the bag to the door.
All of these operating mechanisms are automatic. Imagine how worried you would be if you were to carry the heavy luggage of all passengers by hand. The baggage handling system can be compared correctly with the city highway system. In this case, the carrier is a local road, the DCV railroad is a highway, and suitcases are, of course, vehicles. However, unlike highway systems, baggage processing systems give you the freedom to decide where your baggage goes.

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