9 Website Redesign & Refresh TipsYou have probably heard of Marie Kondo by now: she sparked a whole movement of decluttering, also has a Netflix series known as”Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.”Also known as the KonMari method, her focus is on coordinating your home by eliminating items that do not”spark happiness.

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“While her method applies more to dresser drawers and workspaces, there’s no reason why you can’t Marie Kondo your site! The same as your home and office, your website needs to be cleaned from time to time.Here are 9 site redesign and refresh tips to help you get the most out of the experience:Can a content auditYou can not see where you’re going in the event that you don’t know where you’ve been, right? A content audit is all about taking inventory of all of the content on your website so that you can see what is relevant and what is not.If you’ve got blog posts that are years old, it is time to determine if there is value in repurposing them with up-to-date content, or down them. Many of our very old articles are being trashed or repurposed for future, more up-to-date posts.Be careful not to kill a blog post that is driving a massive chunk of your visitors, but don’t hold on to each article if the information is no longer applicable or your target audience has shifted.Also, if you have products or services available online, make sure the description and pricing for each is current.Revisit your content plan While you’re doing your articles audit, then explore your analytics to find out what content people are spending time on and what articles is performing poorly.Once you have a clear picture of your best-performing posts, videos and blogs, it is possible to focus on creating fresh and engaging content and/or repurpose the ideal stuff.It can be helpful to create a material calendar that breaks down weeks or months by motif.Let’s use marketing for health coaches as a good example. In January, you may want to concentrate on healthful eating, breaking bad habits and workouts to tie in with New Year’s resolutions.Back in June, you can focus on water-based workouts, refreshing summertime foods and also the importance of sunscreen. Make sure your pages look great on mobileYou ought to be keeping mobile in your mind every time you produce a new piece of content, and now is the opportunity to take a much closer look.Too many business owners put all their energy into site redesign, neglecting this crucial part of the user experience. Or, some business owners feel their audience does not use mobile to access their site.This is a poor assumption which can have huge consequences. Many people are surfing your site, studying your eNewsletter and checking out your site on their smartphones. If in doubt, check your Google Analytics which will explain to you just how much website traffic comes from mobile phones.Ensure web pages are easy to follow, buttons are big enough to click on and no material is lost when you’re considering it on a smartphone.Check for broken linksThis is just another great way to dust off your site. Broken links not only annoy and potentially drive off traffic (often sending them directly to your competition), but they are also bad for your search engine positions.There are various tools that allow you to scour your site for broken links, so use them.Can you’ve got bios from employees who left six months ago? If a potential customer lands on your website and sees outdated info, they are going to think twice about buying from you, so keep your About Us page refreshing and polished.This is essential not just to tidiness, but to website security.You may be tempted to ignore those messages telling you to update to the latest version, but they’re essential to prevent security vulnerabilities and keep your site at optimal speed and performance.This is especially crucial if you’ve got accessibility to visitors’ information such as credit card numbers and email addresses.Consider a website refreshMaybe your company has developed and you want to rebrand your logo. Or, maybe you’re seeing photos from a couple of years back in your”What’s New” page!Let us use the example of a health and wellness website layout. If a health coach originally worked together with millennials with restricted budgets but now aims pregnant and breastfeeding women for meal and workout planning, he or she would need to add brand messaging, photos and content which appear into the new target market.Small changes can make a big difference, but be certain you’re rebranding for the ideal reasons if you are considering updating a important part of your new identity. Here’s one of my blog posts that might help: The ideal Reasons for Rebranding Your Business Logo.You need to show people what to do, or else what they will probably do is leave. Now is the time to mend clunky CTAs that aren’t working (look in the stats for penetration ) or locate pages where they are missing.Use actionable text that brings in your visitor (believe”Download the eBook” maybe not”Click here”).Create CTA a principal focus. Create urgency with phrases such as”today” and”now.”Experiment with the very first person. Strong CTA for training websiteSpeed up your siteDo some pages in your site take a while to load?According to MatchMetrics, 14% of your audience will begin shopping at a different site if your page loads are slow, and 23 percent will simply stop the shopping experience or walk away from the computer.Take a long look at your hosting provider, image sizes and videos and installed plugins to begin to reach the root of what is causing your lagging responsiveness.Whether you are just freshening up your online presence or need to do a complete website redesign, seek professional help if needed.Imagine having the time and energy to be creative, community, build strong business relationships and do what you like to do while an experienced, skilled and passionate”all-in-one” boutique firm relieves you of the burden of having to understand how to do it yourself.Susan Friesen supplying 10 Critical Questions You Need to Ask to Get Maximum ResultsSusan Friesen, creator of the award-winning internet development and digital marketing company eVision Media, is a Internet Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs that struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support required to create their online business presence.As a result of working with Susan and her staff, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online advertising is in trustworthy and affectionate hands so that they can concentrate on building their business with peace of mind at using a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

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