We are all curious about what we really are and why we do the things we do , and what the future might hold for us, especially considering the upcoming shift forecast for 2012 (the culmination of a 25-year preparation cycle that started in 1987) that’s probably why visits to astrologers numerologists and tarot readers are becoming increasingly popular. Astrologers may disagree with the existence of Pluto, while Tarot readers might be uncertain whether reversed cards can be used in a reading. But the numerologists don’t use the same system. Let’s say you visit two numerologists in Timbuktwo and one in Timbukthree and the other in Timbukthree. Both have the same name as well as birthdate. But you walk away with two different explanations of your life path and name energy.

Here’s the thing. There are two types of numerology: one is the Pythagorian, or conventional method that is widely used today as well as the other, which is a hidden system. I’ll reveal it to you about the second one. In the year 6,000 (approximately three thousand years prior to when the present system was popular), the birthplace of numerology was in Chaldea (or Babylon), thus the name Chaldean numerology. This method combines the meanings and vibrations of numbers using letters. Contrary to the conventional method it is true that the numerical value of each letter doesn’t necessarily follow a particular sequence. Visit:- https://numerologyreader.com/

This is illustrated by the number 9 which was thought to be sacred by the ancients (consider Jesus=9; Christ=9 and Jesus Christ=18/9). It is omitted from any use with regard to the letter’s value. This observation of names is made from an objective viewpoint, in the same way that I told you that John F. Kennedy was an 8. There are many distinctions between these two types of numerology. Let’s just be clear that Chaldean numerology may be more difficult to comprehend as compared to the other, but the results are more precise, precise, and meaningful.

It is a fact I’m sure of: both the energy of letters and numbers can be scientifically proven. We all began with numbers (2 cells joined) and letters (Y and Z chromosomes) therefore the notion that we project our own vibrations or energies is no more hogwash than Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=mc2) is just hogwash. The belief was that the mere mention of someone’s name implied that you were in control of the person. This is still the case in our modern world…we share our names freely to anyone who asks and once our name is out there anybody can look it up which is made much simpler by the internet. After this everyone who looks into our names has power over us. I think of identity theft. If we are willing to share the name’s power so freely, then why not investigate the power of our own name? It’s ours after all, and likely the most valuable thing we have, though this is rarely real until ownership is placed in the event of a potential dispute. There’s more to a name than people aren’t aware of. Chaldean numerology reveals the truth about your name and gives you tools to use the power of your name.

This is a short study that you can try on yourself. Add your birth month to the date of your birth, for example The day I was born is the 10th of March, therefore my birthpath would be calculated by figuring the month of birth (03) as well as the date (10) and then adding the two (13). Simply cut the double digits you get (4 for me) and read the following short story, and when you arrive at your number, consider how it relates to your personal life. Your number will indicate the main path you’re following or discover how you can incorporate it into your own path.

A caveman awoke in the middle of the woods. He has a head bump and hasn’t a clue who he is. The only thing he can think of is that he’s in a lonely place. By him. The only one (1). He is hungry and cold. He has no thoughts of seeking assistance because his needs, and as far as his knowledge, there are no others. There is no memory, so he does not have a reference point. Therefore, he goes with his (natural)instinct to surviveand collects some fruit to eat as well as some massive, leafy trees that can be used to build an impromptu shelter. Somewhere in the back of his head is the idea that banging two stones together on top of a pile of twigs, brush and twigs will bring heat. After some time, he struggles and screams at his efforts, but eventually achieves the goal. While he lounges by the warmth of the fireplace and eats more berries, He lays the stick to his side. It is an aid in case he needs to shield himself from unwanted intruders. He’s confident and in control, and is making plans for the next day. He plans to explore his surroundings, find more food, find the creatures whose eyes he sees reflected by the firelight and perhaps fashion himself a coat…but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new appearance in the darkness beyond the flames and he rises to his feet. He’s not sure what to do and isn’t ready to be greeted by a stranger.

Another one is that is just beyond the circle. The other one has a longer hair than the other, which is quite amazing however the globes on its chest amaze him even more. He was able to pull this creature from the darkness and bring her next to him around the campfire. He’s not the only one. Now there are two (2). Over the coming days, they learn to take care of each other. Each one nurtures the other, and over time, they become one. She is particularly happy; she helps tidy up the camp and helps prepare the food he goes out to pick up. She appears to love being near to him; embrace him and touch him. He is at peace with her company and enjoys the tenderness of her voice, her eyes and her touch. He is at home with her and they share their joy in darkened dances that are the oldest dances in the world. It’s like they’ve been searching for each the whole time.

After a few months they are shocked and awed when, as if by magic, a miniature model of themselves appears from her stomach. They were wondering why she was so weighty. !… These are cavepeople. The excitement quickly fades However, they realize the exhausting work involved in caring for this little bundle of joy. The two of them became three (3) following the birth. Their daily routine revolves around the infant, a tiny version of the mother, who must be fed, changed and entertained on an unending loop. Sleeping is the child’s only source of relief. It seems that it happens in 20 minute intervals. It’s a brand new experience for them both. Their brains are engaged and there’s always something to be done and think about. Both of them learn to give each other time to think and relax.

A short time later, by mutual decision, they begin clearing the forest next to a large rock. Using strong branches as spines, they begin to design a hut, or home, by using the rock and three sturdy lengths of wood buried deep in foundational holes, as the four (4) corners of the base. After bracing a series of smaller pieces of wood to this base, they then complete the structure by covering it with huge leaves, moss, and branches. The process requires a lot of time and effort, however they are happy with the result, as they realized that they needed a proper secure and safe environment to raise their child . They also understood that this was their responsibility to give. The family will feel more grounded, and it is possible to establish a routine. Each parent is accountable for the family’s requirements and is responsible for household the responsibility for household chores.


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