The depth of the research and methodology used was far beyond any other study. In 1994, the University of Chicago published the “public version” of the report. The title was provocatively Sex in America. The scientific version bore the more dull title of The Social Organization of Sexuality. All sex studies are controversial. However, this one did its homework to avoid research flaws. The goal was to accurately represent America. Three hundred and thirty-two scientifically randomised American men and woman were interviewed by trained workers between the ages ot 18 and 59.

Unexpectedly, the research revealed that sex isn’t as common as people think. The research shows that about a third of people have sex more often than they think. One third have sex less frequently than others. Only a third have had sex at most twice per week. If you only take singles into account and look at married couples, how does that change the numbers? Between 18 and 59, 20% of married couples have sex at least ten times per annum. Another 15% have sex at most twice per month. The “ten or less” couples are often referred as “no-sex marriages” (or sexless unions), and the “about twice a months” group as low sex marriages. We will combine them in this article to make sexless marrieds.

Why should Christians worry about sexless married couples? First, though there is a Biblical obligation that prohibits Christian couples from having sexless relationships, these imperatives exist nonetheless. A second reason is that marital and sexual satisfaction can increase and fall together, according to a lot of research. A marital dissatisfaction that is sexually unsatisfying can affect the satisfaction of both partners and their marriage. The third benefit of sexual fulfillment for medical science is that it has been proven to be beneficial in many ways. Christians must take care their bodies. Christians should also believe they must be sexually active in the marriages they choose. Fourth, pornography. Sexy marriages may lead to increased porn consumption. One the other side, porn can lead to a sexually empty marriage. Porn usage may affect or hinder sexual fulfillment.

Biblical Imperative. Although some people believe that sex is not important in a Christian marital relationship, Paul stated that it is. Visit:-

“The husband should satisfy his wife’s sexual needs, and her wife should satisfy her husband’s. The wife should give authority to her husband over her body and her husband to his wife over his. If you and your husband agree to a time limit on sexual intimacy, then you must not be deprived of each other’s sexual relations. Then, you must meet up again so Satan can’t tempt your self-control. (1 Corinthians 7;3-5, New Testament)

Even though this command isn’t preached very often in modern pulpits today, it is an essential commandment from God. It is wrong for a spouse to be denied sexual fulfillment. It is a serious offense.

How often do you have to obey this commandment? One answer may lie in the following health benefits.

Marital Satisfaction
There are many studies that could have been cited. However, our common sense and observations confirmed the idea before any social scientist had tested it. Marital satisfaction and sexual fulfillment go hand-in-hand. This is interesting because it’s a “chicken & egg” question in the social sciences. Are couples more satisfied with their marital relationships resulting in greater sexual satisfaction, or the opposite? Through the University of Sydney (Australia), I’m currently studying this question.

I’ve seen many thousands of married couples and found that those who are unhappy with their marriages rarely feel satisfied with the sex. The other spouse may not be happy with the sex they have had in their marriage if they are not satisfied with that aspect. One spouse may not be able to live without the other. If a spouse is unhappy about the sexual relationship in marriage (too little, not sufficiently sensual), poor skills or body condition, and hang-ups, it’s likely that they will not be satisfied with the marriage.

God told us to be sexually compatible in our marriages. It’s a factor that contributes to marital satisfaction, as science has proven. If the church believes in divorce and marriage is better than staying married, then they should be teaching the Bible’s sexual commandment about sexual fulfillment.

Health Benefits
Research has been conducted all over the world to determine the medical consequences of sexual satisfaction. Although there isn’t enough space to mention all of the studies, you can refer to The Science of Orgasm by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

A study from Israel showed that women who achieve fulfillment more often are less likely have a cardiac attack. The possibility of endometriosis decreasing, intensity of cramps decreasing, and other related research can be found in other locations around the globe. It is possible to reduce breast cancer by having sex with men.

A British study has shown that men who achieve fulfillment more often are less likely have a fatal cardiac attack. Another study shows that they are less susceptible to developing prostate cancer.

The brain releases oxytocin in high quantities when a person reaches satisfaction. This helps to promote bonding. They bond closer when they have more sexual fulfillment (each partner fulfilled).

Also, the body’s ability and capacity to deal with pain will improve as a result of each satisfaction.

How often do these “fulfillments”, that have a good health effect, occur in these studies? You can think of it as this: the male body produces a new round of sperm approximately every 72 hours. This is the way God made us. If fulfillment were possible on average every 72-hours, that would mean it would happen about 2 to 3 times per week. It’s the same average number of times that medically beneficial studies show to be. It seems that God created us to have sex with each other two to three times per semaine. And that each of us should achieve fulfillment. It is a good idea to have sex with your spouse at least twice a week. This will bring you emotional and health benefits as well as increase your marital satisfaction, as we mentioned earlier. It’s important to take good care of yourself, particularly when it comes to sexual fulfillment. It all comes together.

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