Beltane, considered a Celtic festival, is a time of purification, fertility, and celebration. It is the center between the equinox and the solstice, the transition period from the winter solstice to the summer solstice. At Beltane, the veil between the worlds is thinning again. The energies of men and women are united and balanced. Animals are placed on meadows and Maypole is brought to Earth as a symbol of fertility and sacred unity between heaven and Gaia.
As a fairy queen, Ryanon is an inspiration and mouse for enthusiasts, writers, musicians and artists. As a Celtic shaman, he rides white horses back and forth around the world, leading dead and soul-bearing people to a land of memory and rebirth. Rianon chose to leave the fairy kingdom and join the holy matrimony with the prince. After the birth of her first child, she became a victim of betrayal and humiliation and was eventually expelled from her husband’s family. Through her hardships, on her own shamanic journey, she learned forgiveness and humor to her enjoyable throne as one of Beltane’s most important goddesses. Visit:-

Lianon, I’m calling you now. You are the Queen of the Fairy Goddess, the Moon Goddess, the Transfiguration from Another World, and the Singer of All Hearts. Narcissus and daffodils appear and welcome you as you pass by. Cedars, pine trees and other forest grandparents bow in front of your light. The wind sings your name while the hummingbird carries your sweet nectar, which gives it the sage and rosemary aroma of your essence and fertilizes it. Her mother’s scent, her nature and rhythm soar throughout the night, dancing with the elements under the bright full moon light.

Wear a dress made of gold thread and come to us on your elusive, fast white horse. Come to Ryanon, change shape and walk between the worlds. You come forward in time to see us grow and expand like real spring seedlings. You see us through pain and the bitter and salty tears of forgiveness. Remind us, awaken us to the values ​​of nature and your other world kingdoms.

You lead us to remind us of more magical times, elements of the fairy tale world and connections with others. You are the inspiration for all human creations, including our music, poetry, prose and art.
Living in our world with one foot and in your world with the other foot will keep the course clear while fascinating all the creatures on either side of the veil. As a virgin hunter, you are the same as a horned deer. Even when they made this great marriage together, they do not deny power, but order sacred rights, the encounter of the two. Vulnerable and brave, giving, receiving, sources of yin and yang flow from your heart.

He almost relentlessly chases you and never catches up. Immediately you avoid him and his army. When he finally rests his external forces, he calls your name. Like fireflies, you’re readily available, jokingly wondering why he tried to chase you.

Your horned deer is now patiently waiting for his maiden queen to guide it through the fog and slip under the veil into a world he didn’t know. He finds his ecstasy and his desires are no longer thirsty because you are his partner, his partner, his family, and his true remorse. You are him and he is yours.
How devoted you are to the goddesses on both sides. What do you offer, how do you receive and accept that wave, that month, that sun, and that constant spinning rhythm while you are here and there? Do you accept the mother’s cycle in human form, or do you disappear into the fog forever? Lianon, talk to us now. Tell us about your elegance, your choices, your journey and rebellion, your commitment to our everyday world pedigree. You can see that your glass is full of gods, but tell us about your emptiness.
How do you enjoy when you lose your beloved son and the betrayal is called three times? How to live, be punished, humiliated, humiliated, and engrossed in the fear of death in this cage? How do you boldly carry this burden and humbly accept and expose yourself to the illusions of the human royal family? How do you forgive a whistleblower who has driven you out of the house and deprived you of your dignity and innate rights as a queen? Until you die, you kept your humor, your wisdom, and your love for your king.

Great and Holy Queen, you remember yourself well when your love and support for those in jeopardy has overcome the pain of the past. With this purity, you don’t have to crave your need. It’s fixed in you forever. You easily serve the people who house you with your dog, and you receive their solid gifts in good faith and gratitude while maintaining your sovereignty throughout your life as high priests and sages. We see you in this form here as we lead you to your b with grace and joy

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