Prescription glasses. This is a need that 72% of Americans have, and it is possible that you or someone you know will go through the purchasing process at some point in their lives. However, there are issues that prevent us from getting what we really want, and frames with pre-prescribed lenses from Wal-Mart and Costco can be the easiest and most effective.

The truth is that our eyes, the window to the world, deserve more than cheap investment and hasty decisions. Choosing a cookie cutter can cause serious damage and often costs the price of the original glasses. If not so cheap. But in a world where optical correction exists as long as humanity does, a group of electronic retailers have embarked on a so-called “optical e-revolution” where the purchase of custom eyeglasses has become affordable. , And as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Is it too good to be real? Over the last decade, the Internet has leveled many competitive areas.

The eyewear industry is no exception. In this consumerist era, where electricity is not only dependent on producers, but demand is diminishing, consumers simply do not accept that it is limited by high prices. Companies such as EyeBuyDirect, Frames Direct, and 39 Dollar Glasses have shown their determination to help us get rid of our pocket’s number one enemy, retail prices. Try to guess the actual cost of making the cute designer glasses you wear. I give you a hint: for the highest quality eyeglasses out there, it costs less than $ 15. Visit:-

“Why eyeglasses should be so expensive? Buying eyeglasses should be a democratic and affordable process for everyone,” said Roy Hessel, CEO of EyeBuyDirect. Companies like you have a sophisticated organizational structure with the least overhead online, so you can sell the latest top quality prescription frames from $ 14.95. “I was really happy with the quality of the glasses I bought at FramesDirect. I got the glasses that I would have paid $ 90 including shipping and $ 300 elsewhere,” said Gary Morison of New York, NY. Says. ..

However, there is another obstacle that prevents customers from enjoying the benefits of buying eyeglasses online. It’s a “touch and feel” factor. Some customers feel that communicating with a new pair before making a purchase is a medical purchase, but some “professional electronic buyers” such as Candy Surret say they try on new glasses. There is nothing more personal than you can do. that. Share it with 10 of my friends before I make a decision. And this is what some e-visionaries do: to help you make your decisions by sharing with friends.

While you can print a complete image of the selected frame with the $ 39 Glasses SmartFit system, Frames Directs Framefinder technology is a virtual proof system that allows you to upload images and try as many glasses as you like.

However, other companies like are taking the Eye Try technology to share photos one step further, allowing friends and family to help determine the best pair for you.

The optical electronic revolution is still in its infancy, but the overwhelming positive response from consumers has led to the remarkable growth of this market. By 2009, it is estimated that about half of all glass letters will be created online. But why wait until then? After all, this is just a click.

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