MosesWhen the children of Israel rebelled against God and the leadership of Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, God was angry and decided to destroy them.

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But Moses’wrestled’ with God to alter that choice. He rejected an offer to make out of him a great nation rather than Israel. Yes, an intercessor always has to be unselfish. Moses argued and showed God the reasons why he shouldn’t destroy Israel at that point in time. Let us examine it:”And the Lord said to Moses,’How long will these people reject me? Will they ever believe me, even after all of the miraculous signs I have done among them? I shall disown them and destroy them with a plague. Then I will make you into a country far greater and mightier than they are! ‘But what will the Egyptians believe if they hear about it? They understand very well the power you exhibited in rescuing these people from Egypt. They’ll tell this to the people of this land, that are well aware that you’re with this people. They know, Lord that you have appeared in complete view of your folks in the pillar of cloud that hovers over them. If you slaughter all these people, the states that have heard of your fame will say,’The Lord was not able to bring them into the land he swore to give them, so that he killed them in the jungle.’ “Please, Lord, establish your electricity is as good as you have claimed it to be. For you said,’The LORD is slow to anger and rich in unfailing love, forgiving every sort of sin and rebellion. Even so he does not leave sin unpunished, but he punishes the children for the sins of their parents into the third and fourth generations. Please pardon the sins of this people because of your magnificent, unfailing love, just as you’ve forgiven them since they left Egypt.’ “Then the Lord said,’I will pardon them as you’ve asked.” Numbers 14:11-20My God! Excellent and successful intercession! Great Moses! Look at the sweet outcome. This is a typical’wrestling with God’. Some men are really terrific. Read the above mentioned over again. Moses did a superb job here. He proceeded, putting forward every reason under the sun why God should alter his mind on destroying the people of Israel through a jolt for their faithlessness and disobedience. He pulled God’s words back to him. He attained his aim by making God to rescind that decision. Great success! Fantastic Moses! Listen, God said,”Come now, let us argue this out” Isaiah 1:18. Yes, he is searching for men and women that will hold him reasons why he should do what we want him to do. And this is exactly what wrestling with him signifies. How a lot of us are ready for this?JacobAnother guy that taught us we can actually hold on to God and fight with him in prayer till we get what we want from him is Jacob. Jacob is a perfect example of a man wrestling with God. They had the game at midnight prayer. There’s not any situation that wrestling with God from the midnight cannot change. True! I have repeatedly said in this in my book / audiobook Ability of Midnight Prayer that any man or woman that masters this action of midnight prayer will continue being unconquerable throughout their lifetime. This doesn’t in any way imply that challenges of life won’t come, confident they will, but you’ll always be on top of this circumstance. I say this through personal experiences and testimonies from others. When Jacob was coming back from exile and was to fulfill an angry and well-intentioned brother – Esau, he had been afraid, confused and was trying every trick to escape the rage of a brother who had been coming to pay him back for his (Jacob’s) treachery. In that precarious situation, Jacob wrestled with God and changed the entire situation to his favour. Praise God! Please let us go through this very interesting account of Jacob’s wrestling with God:”But throughout the night Jacob got up and sent his two wives, two concubines, and eleven sons across the Jabbok River. After they were on the opposing side, he sent over all his possessions. This abandoned Jacob all alone in the camp and a man came and wrestled with him until dawn. When the man saw that he could not win the match, he struck Jacob’s hip and knocked it out of joint at the socket. Then the man said,’I want to go, for it is sunrise.’ However, Jacob panted,’I won’t let you go unless you bless me.’ ‘what’s your name?’ The guy asked, he responded,’Jacob.’ ‘It’s now Israel, as you have struggled with God and man and also have won’ ‘what’s your name? ‘Why would you ask?’ The guy replied, then he blessed Jacob there. ‘Jacob named the place Peniel -‘Face of God’ because he said,’I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been spared’ The sun rose as he abandoned Peniel. Jacob now arranged his family into a column with both concubines and their kids at the front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph last. Then Jacob went ahead as he approached his brother, he bowed low seven days before him. Then Esau ran to meet him and embraced him affectionately and kissed him. Both of these were in tears.”What a change of destiny! There are things I would like us to note concerning Jacob’s attitude towards this specific encounter with God. Jacob was persistent; he made sure the man (God) did not win the game and refused to let him go without him. And he got his blessings in the last. The sun climbed upon Jacob and his anxieties were instantly tuned into favour. When we follow exactly the same principle, we are sure to receive the identical outcome. This is precisely what wrestling with God is all about – persisting until you receive your blessing . Now also examine the way Hosea puts it,”Before Jacob was born, he struggled with his brother; when he turned into a man, he fought with God. Yes, he wrestled with the angel and won. He cried and pleaded for a boon . That’s Jacob for you! He began wrestling right from the womb. He wrestled with his brother, he also struggled with God and in addition, he wrestled with the angel and won. And I want to add that he wrestled with his father-in-law to get his wealth and wife of selection. He understood that the game perfectly well. It’s called wrestling Match! Yes, that man was decided right from the uterus to get the most out of his opportunities. He was determined to see all of the promises of God have come to pass in his lifetime. He wrestled! We’ll continue. Share this message with others.

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